Joyce Meyer 2016

Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer

Weekdays | 7:30 & 1am CT / 8:30 & 2am ET

Joyce Meyer Ministries is out to reach the world. Every corner. Or rounded edge. With their Enjoying Everyday Life® programs airing in 200 countries, not to mention the 1.3 million reached during conferences held in five countries during their 2008 tour, Joyce Meyer Ministries is rapidly reaching that goal. Their mission isn’t simple, but it’s transparent. The ministry is out to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through feeding programs, medical missions, children’s homes, disaster relief, prison ministry, inner city programs, the list goes on, the numbers helped are staggering, through all these efforts the ministry’s goal is met without end, without boundaries. And until every stomach is full, every heart encouraged, every soul replenished with biblical truth, Joyce Meyer Ministries will be reaching every corner of the world from the east sunrise to the west sunset.

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